River Creek Rods


It’s The Passion

What makes RcR a company that you can get excited about?  What makes an angler get up at 3:30 am to be on the water at first light?  What makes the dedicated Fly Fisherman spend countless hours tying the perfect Spey fly?  Why will the Winter Steelhead angler spend the whole day floating a river in January in the driving rain and 35 degree temperatures waiting for that tell tale – tap, tap, tap on the rod just to set the hook on one of the most beautiful fish species on the planet?  To all these questions, there is only one answer… It’s The Passion!
Quality Boat - Quality Rod 600 x 337 - white boarder
Rod on profil board

The Design Process

We listen to our customers and design rods that fit their specific fishing needs. Every model goes through a design process that includes angler input and review. Once the final prototype is complete, we get it into a capable angler’s hand to go fishing. Only when we get their seal of approval will we go into production with that model.

Center Pin in snow

Form and Function

Our rods not only need to perform, but they need to be attractive. We want our rods to be proudly displayed at the favorite fishing hole, or right above the mantle in the living room (if the family allows). RcR owners often keep their Rods in better condition than their other rods. Why? Because they are treasured possessions. These rods are built to look good and perform for a life-time.


The designers at RcR strive to give our fans the most sensitive rods on the planet. The FTB series is our “no compromise” build. The goal with the FTB series is to give the angler the most sensitive rod we can. From the materials and manufacturing process used in the rod, to the ultra light and sensitive guides we choose, and the design, manufacturing and materials of the composite handle.


RcR rods are designed with only the best, durable parts in the industry. We use parts that are proven and tested to be rugged. RcR does not want that rod to fail at the most inopportune time… when the fish of lifetime is on the line!

Jordans picture of casting rod on tree next to river 560 x 420

Pic by Jordan Wheeler – avid fan/customer